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Originally Posted by Farmersamm View Post
Complete with tie downs to meet insurance requirements, not more'n 100 feet from my front door

Set it over there for the folks to live in till they passed. Fascinating to watch them use grease, and plywood, to marry the two halves.

Us high falutin' Northerners (we are north of TX ) call 'em modular homes

(was moving a 40' cut cedar down the driveway)
If I'm correct here they consider mobile homes and modular homes different
and modular homes here are more out to retain their value than the mobile homes...

difference being as I understand it is mobile homes are mobile having wheels and axle
as where modular homes are prebuilt homes built in modular sections to be placed and assembled on pillars or concrete slabs...
but honestly I don't see what the difference is being modular homes are not any better constructed in my opinion than a mobile home

and sadly when you buy a mobile home now days the minuet you move it off the lot is has already depreciated in value as now it is a used home and no longer new...
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