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Originally Posted by terry lingle View Post
So far as I know there is no actual need for the lath to be level. Straight without any twist works fine. There are thousands of lathes on ships that travel through the roughest seas. they are mounted on a suitably stiff subframe that is isolated from the ships frames and decking allowing the ship to flex without the lathe mount flexing.
I know of two local service trucks that have Jet 1440 lathes mounted in a similliar manner to facilitate field repairs on cats and hoes. The owner is ex navy. I wonder where he got the idea
I agree wholeheartedly. I've argued this point with a lot of folks when it comes to welding setups. It has to be planar, it doesn't have to be level Same with machine tools. You could mount the thing on a wall, and do acceptable work with it.

This instance though...……...The headstock gears run in an oil bath, and the spindle bearings are splash lubricated. Oil is slung towards the top of the headstock, and if it's made like the Grizzly look-alike, the oil finds its way to channels at the top of the headstock wall, and drips down into the bearings from above. I haven't popped the top yet, but I'm thinking this one has the same oiling. They're all the same to some degree.

The apron also runs in an oil bath, so I'm thinking it involves the same issues. Fluid has to be level to work as designed.

My milling machine has totally greased bearings, so it doesn't matter if it's level. Long as it's flat.

I might be totally wrong, and could get by with the slight angle. The floor slopes at enough of an angle to make it a chore to wheel equipment to and from the door. The splash lube might be vigorous enough to fling oil everywhere, even if the machine has a slight tilt, dunno. Better safe than sorry I guess.

Never owned a lathe, so I might be overthinking it. Anyways, the riser blocks will be an easy remedy.

Damn container can't be leveled without making it so the doors won't open without digging in the dirt. Has to come up 10" at the nose. It's doable if you raise the door end to compensate, but then it starts to look like a mobile home on blocks.....not real stable.
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