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Originally Posted by cramd View Post
Back when I was still working the construction end of my career, I used to see some basements that had styrofoam insulation vertically up against the basement wall from ground level down for probably 2 feet or so, and then a similar piece laid horizontally out from the wall at the base of the vertical section.
I don't know if it was effective at all, but I do know that every one of them ended up with a gap where the underground utilities were trenched in .
That is the recommended way to insulate, I personally would go to the footing. There is a surprising amount of heat rising from the ground in winter. As any ice road driver will tell you when a rock comes to a point under the ise about 25 ft, it will melt the ice from the current developed and focused along the sides.

In my shop, before I had heat in it, the pail of water sitting on the floor would not freeze until the outside air reached -30C, as there was enough heat coming from the ground through the cement and being trapped in the building.
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