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Originally Posted by greywynd View Post
Something of an update.

Spoke to the building official for the area. Spacewise I can do what I’m thinking, I could even go a little bigger, but I think it would get into some issues with existing items in the yard.

An engineered pad is not required, so if it happens, I’ll go with a 6” slab, with rebar. When I mentioned insulation under the slab the comment was “if you really want to”. I know I hate cold floors and cold feet, so will likely still insulate.

Can’t decide on the door. I’d want a 12’ wide at least, so I’m still tempted to go 16’, so it can be considered/called a two car garage. Realistically at 20’ wide it would be tight, though we have that problem in a different way with the existing garage.

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Back when I was still working the construction end of my career, I used to see some basements that had styrofoam insulation vertically up against the basement wall from ground level down for probably 2 feet or so, and then a similar piece laid horizontally out from the wall at the base of the vertical section.
I don't know if it was effective at all, but I do know that every one of them ended up with a gap where the underground utilities were trenched in .
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