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Originally Posted by Spencer View Post
I've only placed two online orders with Menards and neither of them were satisfying experiences.

The first order was for some snow shovels they had clearanced for a ridiculously low price. These were shown on their website to be in stock at my local store, so the only reason I placed the order online was to basically reserve them before they all disappeared. Once I went to pick them up, it took them 35-40 minutes of looking for them and sending me to 3 different parts of the store to talk to 3 different people before they gave up and cancelled my order. They would not refund me their ridiculous 'convenience fee' that I did not even know they were charging me when I placed the order online.

The second time I placed an online order it went better. It was an online only item, so it got shipped directly to the store and I picked it up from there. They have a special area in the back of the store for order pick up and at the time (18 months or so ago) they still did not have their act together. They finally found my order and the order was right, it just took Tom, Dick, and Harry to find it.
That sucks because I'm not finding one the IMO is better than the one they are offering. some look similar but look like cheap plastic. and that the printing will eventually wear off... Theirs look to be aluminum or metal but I could be mistaken.

Do you know if they are metal?? as they look it and look to have engraved writing theirs seem to be much better made?

There were some different ones on Amazon, but didn't like the style and were for sure cheap plastic,
They, would no doubt get broke by some fumblings around in the shop.
By me or someone else..... The price seems to be within a buck or two of the others offered.
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