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1. Fact is, we made a pair of the little hex things.
See that nice, shiny mill vise? Oh, I guess it's a mill/drill vise.
Thanks, Wilton.

2. Then after a whole lot of figgerin' & fittin', I cut a piece of 1/2 x 2 inch flat bar & prepped it for surgery, facing the ends for square & to length.
See that nice F clamp? Thanks, Wilton.

3. Tacked that together & tried the new thing inside the back of Mildred's head where it will be mostly concealed by her motor mount.
It seemed to be up to the mission.

4. Then just welded the crap out of it.

5. I tell you one thing: it's a trick to keep sliding these two bolts in & out of there with the motor mount swung as far back as it will go and I had to have as much space as possible for my left hand to jiggle the new Thing around while I manipulated the bolts with my right.
The bolt heads have to be turned one way to clear the motor mount (bottom bolt), then there is barely room to rotate the bolt 90° before it can seat in the cavity (top bolt).

I had to do this often enough to get good at it, if there was any good to be gettin' but I never did improve very much.

So that takes care of the first step and by this point Mildred knew I was actually committed to this relationship.
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