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My son had that HF welder when they were cheap. Later sold it to my bro-in-law for about $90. He likes it.

Later bought a barely used one off CL, with an auto-dark helmet and a nice Craftsman soft bag. I sold the helmet, so I may have $50-$60 in the welder. Figured it may come in handy some day. $25 is a steal.

I did get a screaming deal on a Thermal Arc TA95 and also a Clarke MIG. Sold them both for a good profit and kept a CO2 cylinder and a spare set of leads for the 95.

Now we have a TA 161STL (~ $600) and a Firepower TIG 161S (~350.), both close-outs. The STL has lift arc and a gas valve and a dig control. The S doesn't have a valve. Both came with regulator and TIG torch and seem to have power factor correction. Hefty little inverter units - made by Shanghai WTL, I believe.
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