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Wink HF 91110 120V 80A DC Inverter Welder, "display model", was $25 too much?

HF 91110 120V 80A DC Inverter Welder, "display model", was $25 too much?

Stopped in the local Harbor Fright to catch the tail end of their clearance sale on open box and display units. Sunday "discount" was 75% off. This guy was sitting on the table but I ignored him at first...

I initially picked up a pump sprayer new "damaged box" marked at $16, my price $4! LINK The manager then coerced me into buying the welder... It WAS missing the ground clamp and carry strap... It is no longer a "stock" item and doesn't even show up on the website anymore...

Got the HF80 back to the shop and broke out the Thermal Arc TA95 DC TIG/Stick bin and "borrowed" the ground clamp from it. Both are mini-Dinse connectors. I took a pic of the two side by side to show dimensional differences. A welding blanket usually sits on top of the welder and accessories all tidy like.

I have extra mini-Dinse connectors and was thinking of pirating the black lead off the B&D jump box/compressor/12V power outlet somebody gave me. At 3'-4', it might just be a little bit too short... The battery in the jump box is totally pooched and at $40ish to replace, condemns this unit to the junk pile. Too bad because the compressor works when hooked to a good battery. The "charger" for the jump box is a simple 12v brick...

I tested the HF80 with a 3/32" rod of unknown flavor. I think it is 6013 but might be 6011. I'm shy on steel "scraps" so this test piece (by other welders) would have to do. Took a little bit to dial it in but I finally got a decent bead at 75A, (-) ground. Welds are acceptable with a clear HAZ on the inside.

The HF80 is now sitting next to the TA95 in the bin. If I find I have a use for it, I'll probably sacrifice a pair of jumper cables to make a work piece lead for it.

PS: there was a HF (Chicago Electric) plasma cutter sitting on the clearance table way in the back. I think it is there because someone cut off the torch! I may call the manager tomorrow and see if I can get it for a Jackson or thereabouts. He was very eager to get rid of ALL the open box/display items. At 75% off, it was still up around $70ish, and a Chinese replacement torch is anywhere from $30 (3') to $100 (33') on Debay.

PPS: also shown is a freebie flashlight (with coupon). It is getting so I can't turn my head in the shop and not see one sticking to something metal like a tool box or press...
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