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Unhappy HF wheel spinning...

Originally Posted by moe1942 View Post
Let him throw out the first price..You might be surprised...
Regarding the ProTIG 200 that is beckoning me, I talked to a lady that has been at this HF for a number of years. Brought her to the clearance nook WAY in the back of the store. Explained the logic behind why it was priced double what it should be. Very helpful--I think she "likes" me! She went and talked to the manager. I then went and stated my case to him.

$512 (plus 6.5% tax) was the best he could do. That is the total after all successive 20% discounts every 2 weeks. Apparently "cost" was $525. This is a "company" HF guy. He has previously told me all the wonderful trips he's been on to conventions courtesy of HF. Decent guy, but by the book...

He didn't want corporate "yelling at him" and couldn't do any better until the next "parking lot" sale in about a month. I suggested we drag the welder out to the parking lot and he sell it to me for a more realistic price--he got a kick out this but still no sale...

My "case" was thus: no pedal ($90 in stock or an open box $71), no regulator ($70 in stock but I have a previously purchased "open box" for $20 {spare}), no torch consumable "kit" ($50? not available separately but I have plenty), no instructions NOR any available online manuals not to mention NO listing on the HF website (ie: "obsolete" ). $300 was my price considering an additional $200 in potential expenses to get it welding. More like $100 for me since I had most what I needed.

He had me give my number to the nice lady I spoke to originally--maybe he is trying to set us up? Perhaps he'll have a change of heart? Or perhaps she'll call me on a personal level?

Complicating things and not-answerable was how would the "1-year free trial" apply to a discontinued item. Another point I brought forth to him trying to get him to loosen the purse strings...

I WILL say that an AC/DC tig with features like this one is a steal even at $600 (after pedal). They have NOTHING AC/DC TIG in their catalog at the moment...

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