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Hey bro,
Did you ever date your anvil?

I just recently scored a 200lb Hay Budden for FREE!
It does have some edge chipping, but overall it's in decent shape. It actually weighs 195 lbs.

I can read the serial # too. The "200lb" marking is gone though, but the "Hay Budden" is still there.
I would love to show it, but my old computer won't let me resize pics too easily.
Wish I could show you guys.

I'm trying to decide if I should get this thing resurfaced. Anybody want to let me email them some pics, and give me your opinion? Anyone here know about resurfacing anvils?? I'm wondering if I can get a little work done to her, and have some nice clean edges ALL the way around again....
Any help would be appreciated fellas...
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