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Thanks for the update, yes, sometimes it is best to let some things rest from time to time before we find a cliff to push them off of.

Looks like you have had some success with the other one. Got to celebrate that kind of stuff.

I'll post a screen shot of a data sheet for the relay you have and you can test it by supplying power to the coil to manually energize the relay. This works on all relays, you just have to have the correct voltage to the coil.

You will find the numbers 5 and 6 on the coil connection on the relay, the polarity does not matter. When you supply the correct voltage you should hear the relay click in and out when you connect and disconnect power. Just because it clicks does not mean it is good, the contacts it pulls together may be damaged and not make connection.

A relay is nothing more than a switch. Think of the light switch on the wall, the contacts inside the switch turn the light off and on, your finger operates the contacts, in a relay the coil replaces your finger. Put power to the coil and the relay closes turning on the light, ( or in this case power to the lift solenoid coil.) turn the power off to the coil and the light goes out, ( or it stops lifting)

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