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Originally Posted by Scotts View Post
I'll take another stab at this.

Are the relays marked or are you able to determine relays by checking wire numbers on terminal connections?
No markings I think I know which one is r1

T13 is your up control and you need some way to clip the meter leads on so you do not have to hold by hand. your on and up button need to be on or pressed at the same time, and you will get power to T13, this will fire r1 to provide power to r2 and the level sensor provides power to r2 and this is your signal from R2 that puts power to the lift valve.

Do you know how to put power to a relay and make it energize?


Your level sensor may have been damaged from being adjusted by the forklift internally. I would be tempted to try connecting the Red and white wire together and see if the lift worked. Which is essentially being put power from T1-T17 If you do this the controls should work like you are used to doing. The foot switches would be jumpered around and not work.

Be very careful it looks like you have a plug on the battery in the schematic, just be ready to unplug it if the lift does some shenanigans you are not expecting.


Ok its been a while I have been busy on other stuff.
I got tired of trying to fix this one so I pushed the other one in the garage.
I got the other one to lift. It seems that one of the foot switches was stuck.
It is now lifting.

So Pushed the other one back in garage and removed both of the foot switches. as I pressed on them I could here a clicking in relay one.
It would click after I stopped pressing on the foot switch. It felt a little warm to the touch.
I point the temp gauge at it and it is 10 degrees warmer than the other 2 relays
I am going to order one and see if that is the problem Only place I can find them is China so it will be a couple of weeks.

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