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Per DD’s request...

My Powcon Saga.......

Powcon #1 - the output capacitors had failed, they installed new ones, ran on a load tester, worked perfectly. At pick up, plugged it in, flicked the switch, BANG, the output capacitors failed. Two days later, repaired, tested and rechecked by me, okay. Two days later plugged it in, flicked the switch, a loud whistling sound, then BANG, output capacitors failed. The repair shop kept the unit for another 3 months, trying to fix it, finally Powcon took the unit, they sent it back, allegedly repaired, it failed again within 2-3hours of operation. I finally gave up on Powcon #1. Sets in the trunk of my 69 Ramber American.

Powcon #2 - for about 2-3 yrs it was like a Bic pen (first time, every time), then there were issues with the unit shutting itself off, if it went idle for 3-4 minutes. I sent it in, they allegedly fixed the issue, then wild amp swings, while under operation, no penetration to burn through, back to no penetration, then said it was some rheostat issue, a couple hundred dollars, about a day later some kind of power transistor issue, they replaced numerous parts, within a week, same issue, they replaced the parts again, it lasted about 5 hrs, then the flames shot out the back, then finally the big BANG. Gave up on Powcon #2, I believe it’s sets next to Powcon #1.

Powcon #3 - yes, at times I’m a slow learner, compared to the other Powcons, this was the ugly sister, I believe every part except the case, was changed at least once or twice, Powcon had it 4-5 times, still a serious flawed piece, when it worked, it was excellent, it was probably a good concept, but poorly designed/manufactured welder. Finally, the LWS gave me the full purchase price toward a Lincoln Invertec V-300.

The Lincoln Invertec V-300 (one of Lincoln’s first inverter based welders), which worked perfectly, but had roughly a 45 minute procure to change input voltage, no really meant to be changed constantly. Also had a very high amp draw, making it a pain to hook up on the job. About 3-4 years later, I traded the V-300 toward a Lincoln Invertec V-350 Pro (still have it).

Then I went through a series of smaller (200 amp) inverter welders, ESABs, Thermal Arcs, Lincolns, Fornious (sp) and finally Millers, which seem better geared to the type of work we do.

Even mentioning the Powcon name, will probably cause me nightmares.
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