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mccutter 05-26-2022 02:51 AM

They need to put it back in the ocean...
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This was on a local buyselltrade group for $250. No, I'm not interested, just curious what caused the severe "pitting". Looks like they were using it for a boat mooring...

Shade Tree Welder 05-26-2022 08:20 AM

Yeah laying on the bottom of something in salt water. Also if it was at the bottom of a pile of scrap, with some aluminum, galvanic corrosion for many years.

it is just scrap a this point.

greywynd 05-26-2022 11:26 AM

The top may be a second piece, perhaps it could be replaced. However if I remember right, it’s a tricky process at the best of times to put a face on an anvil.

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Norcal 05-26-2022 09:35 PM

At this point, it's best and highest use is attached to the legs of a deserving politician before they go for a swim. :devil:

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