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allessence 02-11-2022 10:21 PM


Originally Posted by milomilo (Post 776707)
Is a real unique skinner knife.:)

The preliminary sharpness was enough to get me. I don't over sharpen the knives.. I send them sharp but not SHARP.. Felt really good with the finger on the blade..


Originally Posted by digr (Post 776716)
Very nice!!!!!!!



Originally Posted by JohnBoy (Post 776717)
You should send that on to Timken, it's beautiful

that is a great idea.. Never even thought about it.


Originally Posted by astronut (Post 776722)
Nice work!



Originally Posted by mccutter (Post 776727)
My first thought looking at the title was "Timken is still made in the US?" ;) Nice Work! :) What material are the rivets made from? Hard to tell with camera color chameleonism...



Originally Posted by Matt Shade (Post 776742)
Nice work. I like the offset you put in so the handle would work out like a normal knife.

Reminds me I have an integral I started to make that I put a dog leg in so it would have a wood scale on one side and the metal tang on the other. I didn't like how the transitions were coming out when I started grinding and it got stuck in cabinet.

Thanks Matt, took me years to figure it out in a way that would satisfy me..

The idea of having the blade to 1 side did not strike me as desirable..

the next one will be easier..

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