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Shade Tree Welder 08-18-2004 10:12 AM

Chat Room for SFT set up.
Rickairmedic did all the work so thank him. He set up a chat room for us I will let him fill you in on the details. It is best if you set up a net.passport (MSN) and you will have a 2 minute download (on dial up) but it is cool.


The chat room is not part of or affiliated with this site. Therefore, the policies here do not apply to the MSN chat room.

rickairmedic 08-18-2004 10:25 AM

Hey guys I had seen some recent interest in the area of instant messaging and chat rooms so yesterday I set up a place for us too chat at till Ron (shade ) gets the things worked out here for us too have the ability here too do it . Ron was right you will have too set up an MSN passport too join the chat room group over there but if you already have MSN hotmail then you aready have one . I will put the URL too the chat room at the bottom of this post . the way we use chat over at my truck club is we have a regular chat night ( sunday night ) and if guys want too chat at other times they will just post a message in the main posts that they are there . It never fails that if someone opens chat on a non chat night that at least 3 or more peaple will pop in it is kinda kewl to be able too actually talk with other members live rather than posting and waiting for a reply . Anyways I hope you guys like the new chat area and let us know what night would be good for a main chat night for you the majority will win as far as the regular chat night but as I stated earlier you can always post here that you would like too chat and other peaple can meet you there

Thanks for being a great group of guys I usually go 2 places when I first get up and when I first get home here and my truck club :D


heres the URL too chat

rickairmedic 08-18-2004 11:13 AM

by the way Ron and I have already tested the waters we had an impromtu chat this morning in the room and it works fine its like instant messaging only we can fit as many peaple into the room as we would like at one time :D . I would also suggest that when you go over there that you add the room too your favorites instead of having too link too it from here all the time :cool:


john pen 08-18-2004 01:15 PM

Just signed up. That wasn't to bad. Just wanted to add where I got hung up. After you go through the process, you have to go to your e-mail and there will be mail that contains a link to verify your the one who signed up. After you click on it, your good to go...

rickairmedic 08-18-2004 01:28 PM

John thanks for the pointer for some of the other guys who may not have a netpassport set up yet . I have been a member of MSN groups for years and have prolly forgotten as much about the registration process as I remember . I am glad too see peaple from here getting set up to use the chat . as I stated earlier if you guys would like a specific night too chat on let us know and we will make it happen :D . As always thank you Ron for making any of this possible for us here . If it were not for Ron most of us would prolly not be chatting at all so my hattis off too him big time for setting up this site


john pen 08-18-2004 01:31 PM

Another thing I noticed (and mabe its just me) is that when I tried to log on I had to hit retry a few times before it went on...

rickairmedic 08-18-2004 01:39 PM

thats actually MSN John they are working on their groups right now and every time they do it screws up the works for a few days :eek:


rickairmedic 08-19-2004 08:20 PM

Well I see we have 10 members already on the chat sight thanks for joining in guys . Now why dont we try too set a night when everybody thinks it would be kewl too sit down and have a chat about what we did oor didnt do this week . My truck club meets on sunday nights 8:00 central time which I have too admit has always seemed a little off too me since most of us work for a living and have too get up on monday mornings but perhaps a friday or saturday night chat session would work for us here . Soooooooooo come on guys lets hear what you think . I can tell you we have a hoot in my truck club chat room and ( sometimes we even discuss trucks :eek: ) . Personally I wanna get Franz in the chat room :D Just from his posts here I know he would be an absolute riot in a chat room course we may have too convince him that instant messaging is for puters and voice mail is for phones . I am up for most any night myself as long as I can plan ahead between work toys and my adopted familly


john pen 08-19-2004 08:25 PM

Im in for any time in the evening...

Dman033189 08-19-2004 08:28 PM

I dont know how I missed this post I will be getting in the room soon.

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