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RED caddy 10-05-2018 06:50 PM

Some guys have all the luck...
So, there I was, puttering around on Big Red, minding my own business, when one of the regulars here at the ARGADC, walks in and plops a Miller Spectrum 625 plasma cutter on the only open flat spot in the shop and allows that he just bought this POS from a School board auction.

He also says that he plugged it in and can't make it go. "if you can get it going, it will make a nice present for the shop. (guessing it was a big bundle, minimum bid buy)

He threatened / promised to bring the operators manual back for it, but I haven't seen it yet.

Anybody have or use one 'o these critters, that will keep me from hurting it or me, 'till I get the book in hand?

After the recent "fix my Dialarc 250" fiasco, (only took 18 months for ya'll to help me to find and fix a melted fusible link, OK, me 18 months, Ya'll about an hour.) I could use a bit more help of the trouble shooting kind. First look for the obvious, then the trick stuff.

This pig might just plug in and go, If I knew the light off sequence. The local school board has been known to sell off some really good gear, just 'cause it's out of warranty or some other stellar reason...

I looked up the operators manual PDF, this thing has more safety interlocks and sensors than the space shuttle. There is a hand full of consumables in the little side caddy to get me started with the troubleshoot, they all look the same to me, (shiney, sharp corners and such, how do you tell good from bad?

Let the games begin...


camdigger 10-05-2018 07:05 PM

Check for minimum air pressure. I think my 380 needs a minimum of 60 psi? Bear in mind the supply air has to maintain the minimum pressure even with the solenoid open. Plugged filters can cause the air pressure to drop below the minimum.

Also look at the warning lights, sometimes that goes a long way in the troubleshooting.

Used consumables are usually discoloured somewhat especially around the ports the plasma stream comes from. Some may have arc scars.

Ironman 10-05-2018 07:47 PM

Did he get some consumables with it? As Cam says first air pressure, then put in a fresh electrode and nozzle. If the present ones are fubar, it will not light off.

There may be error lights or symbols that will probably be greek without the manual, but that should be downloadable easily.

camdigger 10-05-2018 10:26 PM

Captain Obvious here..... Once you get the plasma powered up with air supply plumbed in, look at the light panel. The lights will give you a general area where problems if any exist.

Once you get all the conditions satisfied, try to light off the torch while watching the air gage on the machine. That gage should measure the air pressure at the last point before it goes down the torch lead, after all regulators and filters. It must stay above the minimum, or the low air pressure will trip and shut the machine down. That is, ahem, the voice of experience talking.....

Nomoreusmc 10-06-2018 05:26 PM

Need to find out what light. I have fixed quite a few of these

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mccutter 10-06-2018 05:31 PM

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What Cam and Gerry said...

Download the manual at You'll need the serial number to get the correct manual. You can also tell what vintage it is from the ser#.

When you squeeze the trigger you should get at least temporary air flow. If not pull the cover and check the filter--yes, there is a filter inside... Also an air solenoid.

I have this same exact machine (if it is the "big" version) only painted white with "Hobart" on the side. But inside are all Miller internals... The consumables have to be pretty far gone for it to not strike an arc. This unit has a pilot arc, BTW...

It took me all of 2 minutes to find this parts diagram but to be sure you'll need the ser#.

RED caddy 10-06-2018 07:34 PM

First on my list of things to do tomorrow list is to change the plug to one compatible with my welder power drops. I found the air solenoid and air filter.

As soon as I can plug in and power up, I'll read the lights and report back.

You guys have no idea how much I appreciate the help.


chumly2071 10-08-2018 07:43 AM

I have a 625.
Best bet is to make sure of minimum air pressure, and that the consumables (all of the pieces) are in the torch in the correct orientation. Those are the usual easy problems.

chumly2071 10-08-2018 07:47 AM

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Helpful info for a 625 with ICE-40C torch.

platypus20 10-08-2018 08:09 AM

oooooh, That plasma cutting smell in the shop.................

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