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KevinF 02-13-2020 01:26 PM

Picked up some used/new sale items. Shell mills, inserts, abrasives.
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Was at the local place that sells mixture of offshore and name brand stuff. Quality Cutting Tools.

While I was picking up some roloc abrasives I noticed they have a used/discount rack. The sign said "used milling cutters/kits buy 1 get 1 free". I inquired. The sign just went up at the end of the previous business day and I was there first thing in the morning. So I grabbed these two shell mills with inserts, both for $80. Sumitomo brand. The file was $20 and those stones were a buck each. Not too bad. Had to order the r8 arbor for the shell mills but that was not bad, $40.

So now the list of wants for the milling machine is slightly shorter. Still though: Rotary table/dividing head. V blocks. Angle blocks. Hex and square collet blocks.

greywynd 02-13-2020 04:23 PM

Looks like you did okay on that deal. Still can't decide if I like, hate, or am indifferent on round insert tools, just haven't used them enough to really form an opinion. The other one looks like a common insert that I have used, and they seem to work pretty well.

And $1 each for 1/4" shank mounted points is pretty reasonable, though hard to say how they will work until you use them.

rustythe4x4 02-18-2020 09:06 AM

Nice score!

KevinF 02-24-2020 04:54 PM

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Made a nice surface finish on aluminum, will need to swap out the carbides to fresh ones for steel. Also one of the knicks behind the cutter (one with square inserts) pushes on the cutter itself so I'll have to file that flat.

I got the brand wrong. One is Kennametal and the other Sanvik.

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