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tigman250 03-16-2021 02:39 PM

Okamoto surface grinder help
Good afternoon all, I have a surface grinder that is giving me fits, the table is hydraulically driven and occasionally slows down when moving to the left. It seems to work flawlessly for about an hour in the morning, after that starts acting up so whatever it is seems to be thermally triggered. The manual calls for the pressure to be set at 210 PSI, when it is acting up the pressure drops to 150 psi, if I set the pressure to 175 PSI it goes the same speed both directions just slower than if set higher but doesn't "kick out". So far I have cleaned every single valve and solenoid, changed the pressure relief valve and just put on a new pump. The new relief valve and pump have helped a little bit, before changing them I could only run 125PSI to keep it from kicking out. Seems like a valve is hanging up half way and dumping the pressure but I have swapped the table directional valve with another one from the cross feed, I have swapped solenoid coils around, like stated earlier cleaned all the valves and replaced relief valve and vane pump. Any hydraulic experts out there that can help a brother out? I am almost embarrassed that I can't figure this thing out, it's been kicking my butt for a month now, just replaced the pump yesterday and thought I had it but after a half a day of running it today the operator came and told me it's acting up again.....

Thanks All!

greywynd 03-16-2021 10:49 PM

A resource for you, contact Jim Sellyer at

Harig and Okamoto were affiliated somehow, he knows both makes well.

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tigman250 03-17-2021 07:49 AM

Thanks Greywynd!!

greywynd 03-17-2021 04:16 PM

Hope it helps. We had a few Okamoto’s at the diecasting shop I worked at.

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SmokinDodge 03-27-2021 12:50 AM

Check the cylinder and mechanism. Sounds like excessive drag causing heat in the hydraulic system. A temp gun would be an easy way to check stuff before spending money.

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