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Scott V 11-30-2019 12:37 AM

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Amazon was blowing these out for $2327 for the T-301i and $1523. for the ET-220i My friend on-line bought the 301, and I bought the 220 Out of stock on the 220 now, but the 301 is running at about $4000 now.. (It will drop again.. )
Single phase is limited to 200 amps, but 3 phase gives you full output.

We are both running on a rotary phase converter with zero issues.These things weld like a Thermal-arc Prowave 300/etc.. I have not used it on DC yet, Just AC, and the Germans really know how to build one fine tig machine. :cool:

The Tungsten's stay sharp as a tack even without variable amplitude adjustment..The build quality is just outstanding, along with the AC output..

The ft control is my Miller /SCC controls 14 pin with a Thermal-arc 8 pin adapter I made. The standard 8 pin thermal-arc pedal works too.. There is a goofy SSC ft control with twin switches to give you preview amps while the ft pedal is plugged. in Typical of Esab to change the Nice Lorch setup, to the aborted twin switch pedal. Just sucks. The work around for me was to hook up a Hypertherm Remote box to the automation plug at the back of the welder. Fixes their screwed up setup.. I just did not want to unplug the pedal every time you want to change the amps for Pulse/ standard welding.

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