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rmack898 06-15-2016 05:20 PM

Trevor's truck project
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As some of you may have seen in the for sale/wanted section, Trevor has been looking for a particular square body GM truck to eventually be his daily driver. Yesterday, we went to Long Island, NY to pick up his new ride.

It's a 1986 one-ton, crew cab, dually. It came from a fire company and had
19K original miles on a carbureted 454. The truck has always been garage kept and has no rust. It was used as a floodlight truck and has an amazing utility body complete with a 12.5KW onan generator, two 30' pneumatic extension light towers, an air compressor, and two 200' power operated cord reels with 30 amp recepticals. It has a 10K# 2- speed Ramsey winch on the front bumper and two 8D batteries in the bumper.

The plan is to sell the utility body, light towers, generator, and winch. He plans to shorten the chassis and put a short bed pick up box or a custom flat bed (my vote is for the custom flat bed) on it. The 454 and auto tranny will come out and get replaced with a 6cyl, mechanical injection Cummins with a manual 5-speed.

Trevor may or may not be along here at some point asking for guidance but either way I will try to keep you all updated as the project moves along. This will be a long term project that probably won't get going until August as Trevor has a frame-off restoration of his Samurai half way finished spread out all over the shop and I told him that other than taking parts off the new truck as they are sold, he can't work on the truck until the Samurai is done.

Here's some pics of his new ride.

rmack898 06-15-2016 05:25 PM

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More pics

rmack898 06-15-2016 05:28 PM

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Last of the pics

SmokinDodge 06-15-2016 05:48 PM


Hell of a nice truck and bed.

cutter 06-15-2016 05:53 PM

My God.
That is stunning. :)

rmack898 06-15-2016 05:54 PM

Neal, I told Trevor you were the guy for info on the engine that he want's to put in this truck. I think it will be a cool truck if he does everything right, and based on how his Sammy is coming along I think he'll do a good job of it.

randydupree 06-15-2016 07:48 PM

those air towers are so cool!
I bought some of those way back when.
Sold them on ebay.

rwoody 06-15-2016 08:11 PM

how much are the towers and reels

dang put a flag on pole on my Wanderlodge and show off!!!!!!!!!:D

wow looked again and WOW what a nice truck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ironman 06-15-2016 09:50 PM

How awesome to have a kid like that with a project that cool

arizonian 06-16-2016 12:51 AM


Just sitting here drooling over a project like that. Gotta finish the Sammy first!

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