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digr 02-07-2016 11:53 PM

SFT shop made tools
A lot of our stuff here

toprecycler 02-08-2016 11:17 PM

Yeah, I've been to that site before. If you click on your name, it will pull up all the ones attributed to you. I have six, the funny thing is I only built and or modified three myself. The others my dad built, but I shared them on SFT at one time. At least the site does give credit back to owner.


allessence 02-09-2016 06:55 AM

Some very talented people on this Forum/list.. Great stuff and ideas..

GWIZ 02-09-2016 02:21 PM

( Assuming the link does not change) I guess this guy did not read part two of Cutters Vise.
"Homemade press intended to aid in the separation of rusted vise jaws. Constructed from a length of I-beam, steel tubing, and chain. Powered by a bottle jack."

"DIYer Mar 28, 2014 5:32 PM
That should put the hurt on rusted stuff. But for this particular vise, this rig apparently didn't work."

cutter 02-09-2016 09:24 PM

lol. Good find, G.
I guess I'll just let him wander in his incuriosity. :)

Lew Hartswick 02-10-2016 09:04 AM

The "sticky" thread "Shop made tools" on HSM has a pile of interesting gadgets etc .

homemadetools 02-12-2016 11:33 AM

I'm the founder of that site.

We know SFT to be one of the web's best sources of tool building ingenuity. You guys are currently at #13 out of thousands of sites on our top site list. All listings are fully credited to each builder and to SFT, and link directly to each build thread, so I hope we've been able to send you some good traffic.

Let me know if we've missed any, and we'll get them added in.

o7oBaseMetal 02-12-2016 12:51 PM

My only issue with your site, and it could be on my end-I dont know for sure, is that there is a pop-up that appears over the page and I can't seem to make it go away. Makes the site difficult to use. I am viewing from an Android phone.

homemadetools 02-12-2016 01:01 PM

Hey thanks for reporting that bug on Android, you're the second person this week to do so. We have it on our to-do list to fix. You should be able to just click once to remove it permanently, but it's obviously not working for all Android users.

We also give away the "50 Must Read Homemade Tools eBook" offered in the popup for free to forum folks, so you don't have to enter your email address to get it. You can just click this to download it for free:

o7oBaseMetal 02-12-2016 05:39 PM

Well, thanks for looking into it. :)

homemadetools 11-10-2017 01:17 PM

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Hey guys - we have a new ebook out: How to Make a Belt Sander. 100% free of course. Click the graphic below to check it out:


edit: Homemade Tools, I got news for you: do not use embedded images on this site, not even to promote your free book.

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