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MetalWolf 02-17-2019 11:35 PM

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So I ended up getting a good rest this afternoon and felt a little energized after and went back out to shop for a little, to clean up some of the hodgepodges off my welding Table/Workbench.

once I got it cleared away and some tools put up I figured id get something else done on the tractor, so I ended up putting the pump differential housing plate back on and then went through the hydraulic pump cleaned and put the new pump gears I ordered in it.

Then started on the PTO housing and gears cleaned up the gears and housing Installed one new bearing and snap ring together, put the pump on.

And on to reinstalling the PTO assembly was not easy as the son of a gun is really difficult, but while picking up tools I decided to clear the 3in1 off the lift cart table and used it to lift it in to place, and still, was a bit of a pain to get it perfectly aligned up to the shaft coupler.

therefore now I'll only need to focus on the TCU valve and the Double action auxiliary valve after I'm back up and running/walking
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