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troutback 03-24-2010 09:03 AM

help w/ new central machinery mill/drill 981
i see i am not the only one with a new mill/drill. but my knowledge of such machines is limited to what i could gleen off the internet thingee.

i previously got a bunch of help from some of you regarding milling on my lathe last year(thank you for the help), but sadly, i finally realized that in order to do certain things i needed a milling machine.

i am a mechanically inclined human with many years experience with woodworking and wood working machines. not so much with the metal stuff. i have figured most of the machine in question out(i'll get to it, just hold your horses) but i cannot figure for the life of me how to extract what i believe to be a r-8 shaft for a drill chuck from the spindle?

i have no documentation and can't seem to find any. there was a thread here from a few years ago about using the documentation from a jet-16 but i cant get a copy of that either. i'm doing something wrong, i guess.

anyway, it's a central machinery #981 mill/drill(complex machine) from 1983. 1.5 horsies single phase 115v made in taiwan. used once or twice. no wear. at all. came with two drill chucks, three vises, two trays of hold down bolts and shims, drill bits. surface mills that fit an r-8(i guess). everything seems to be in amazing working order runs quiet bla bla bla. perfect for what i need it for and the right price.

is there some procedure listed somewhere to extract this r-8 shaft without taking the largest hammer handy and going to town cussing and swearing and generally rendering useless said machine?

or if someone has the docs from this machine, lemme know.

precisionworks 03-24-2010 09:42 AM

Loosen the drawbar nut one turn, hit the nut with a large hammer (which frees the R-8 taper), put one hand under the tool to catch it when it drops & unscrew the drawbar nut until the tool drops.

troutback 03-24-2010 09:51 AM

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ok, after thinking a bit harder, it came to me. i figured it out. what an ingenious way of attaching things. still need help with documentation if anyone knows. really appreciate the help. here's a pic. look at that paint job from 27 years ago.....

troutback 03-24-2010 09:52 AM

guess i was writing when you responded precisionworks.


platypus20 03-24-2010 04:26 PM

I have the 981 manual, if you want a copy.


troutback 03-24-2010 04:50 PM

that would be great platypus. i'll pay for copies and shipping.

so, if anyone else is reading this, i ran into another problem today. i was giving it a test run by milling some aircraft aluminum and somehow snapped the set screw that holds the r-8 shaft in place. came out when i was taking the shaft out. didn't seem to do anything that caused it, but what the heck do i know?

i was trying to figure out how to get at the area where the set screw lives. it is covered by the bearing. don't know where to start....take the bearing out? take the shaft out? not sure what's attached would be a good time to have that manual.

platypus20 03-24-2010 04:53 PM

PM me a fax number or send me address, and I'll get you a copy ASAP.


cutter 03-24-2010 05:14 PM

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Jack, if troutback doesn't have fax, just send it by ClydeFile.
(at the bottom of this page)
It's great for large file transfers.

All you need is his email address and the file on your computer.

Meanwhile, the answer is probably right here on this fignoggle page.
I've also attached a picture of the setscrew in a Rongfu spindle, assuming its the same thing.

platypus20 03-24-2010 05:33 PM

I have a hard copy, no scanner, so its either fax or snail mail.


troutback 03-24-2010 05:46 PM

wow, thanks cutter. that's what i needed to see.

after checking that out, i'm wondering if i could get to that set screw with only half that work. it seems that i could possibly force the shaft with the set screw down through the bottom of the assembly with out having to remove the whole spindle operation. i can get at the left threaded nuts above the top bearings behind the name plate. and now i know that i can use a screwdriver to loosen these, instead of a tool that i don't have. so that means that if i pry off the bearing cover on the bottom, i might be able to push everything down and out just the two or so inches to get at that screw.

it says i need to remove the upper bearings to do this but that by rapping on it, that would be accomplished. i think. anybody done this before? or am i just being lazy?

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