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allessence 08-19-2017 09:01 PM

Ghoul steak turner
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So, yesterday and today I did blacksmithing demos at the Hardwick fair..

Today I ended up doing a few odd jobs but also made a steak turner with ghoul head..

Here's some pics.. It started life as 1/2, and I upset the head part to nearly 1" with a finished diameter of 7/8".. Its just over 20" long..

greywynd 08-19-2017 10:11 PM

That's awesome, love it!!

Time for a new signature line!!

toprecycler 08-19-2017 10:58 PM

[emoji106][emoji106][emoji122][emoji122]very nice indeed.

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raulie morse 08-20-2017 05:18 AM

wow! very nice work

Bender 08-20-2017 09:33 AM

Thats cool!

weldor2005 08-20-2017 09:36 AM

Very nice piece.

dubby 08-20-2017 10:41 AM

Talk about Ghoulish! One of our other members had just shared you facebook post on this and when I refreshed my timeline it popped up at the top. And then I opened this thread and saw the exact same item. Of course, I had no idea that was your fb page but I do now! Thought I was seeing double for a minute!

Liked & followed btw ;) I don't often comment because your work is usually way out of my league and way over my head, but this guy is just too neat to let sneak by.

GWIZ 08-20-2017 11:09 AM

Nice, I think you found you calling, the ghoul factor.......

A hand forged pencil holder in the shape of a skull should sell better than hot cakes, let alone trying to prevent people from stealing them.

Hinge the head and crack nuts with its teeth,Then the skull hammer ..... Halloween is around the corner.

cutter 08-20-2017 04:18 PM


Originally Posted by allessence (Post 692356)
Ghoul steak turner.

You know, I've tried a lot of different meats over 7 decades but I cannot remember ever having tasted ghoul steak. Never, no ghoul ribs either. I've not even been in the room when it was being cooked but I just can't imagine the aroma would be very appetizing. Probably not as bad as zombie, but still, ghoul falls into the same genré as far as I'm concerned. :rolleyes:

On the plus side, I can't imagine needing to serve any expensive wine with it; a cheap rosé should do as well as anything, with a generous helping of GasX to go along with some greasy fries. :D

allessence 08-20-2017 05:52 PM

Thanks for all the kind and encouraging comments and complements..

I will eventually find a market for something I make.. Hardware is pretty much dead now so will have to figure something else for making some coin on the side..

the Ghoul head eraser caps and then nut crackers sounds neat.. :)

For those that don't know.. JLPservicesinc is the facebook page.

And jlpservicesinc youtube page..

If you guys ever want to see something made just shoot me a pm or FB..

The weather is good and I have more youtube how to videos to make.. :)

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