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Whitetrash 09-07-2019 09:21 PM

Just Wondering
Has the SFT site been going down for other folks or is it something on my end I need to decipher?

Tim KS 09-07-2019 09:50 PM

No problem here, but then I haven't been on as much as usual lately. :confused:

toprecycler 09-07-2019 09:59 PM

Seems to be working fine for me, although it seems like sometimes I don’t see new posts til a day after they are started.

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Whitetrash 09-07-2019 10:11 PM

It was gone all afternoon every time I clicked on it my browser could not find it.

midmosandblasting 09-07-2019 11:43 PM

Same. It has been that way quite often since rod has been down .I think the electrons are praying also .

milomilo 09-08-2019 04:48 AM

Been fine for me.

astronut 09-08-2019 07:45 AM

No problems on my end.

Lew Hartswick 09-08-2019 08:03 AM

No problems here at 0600 to 0800 and often in the evening .

cutter 09-09-2019 12:27 AM

I very rarely have a problem with the site loading or performing. Once in while there is a lag & I just kill the window or tab & start over unless I'm in the process of posting a reply. I have not had that situation lately and almost never does the site fail to load.
However Tim (Whitetrash), I remember that you were having problems in your previous thread & that switching browsers seemed to cure the problem.
I guess that didn't pan out? Have you tried deleting your cache (temporary internet files)?

Whitetrash 09-14-2019 07:56 PM

More Info
Okay, SFT went down for me again. I experimented a bit. I have Chrome as an alternative browser. Could not find SFT. Went to my I-Pad it perhaps supplied a clue as to what's going on. It would display the welcome page that allows you to enter. But, could not log in because server would not stop responding. Maybe a tidbit Mark can sort out it might as well be Cantonese for me :confused:

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