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mccutter 08-01-2007 12:17 AM

Ryobi 18V Tool Test--Portable Fan
Bought and returned the Ryobi 18V Portable Fan recently, taking advantage of their 30 day "no questions asked" return policy. It was $30, has a high and low setting and a fold-down adjustable stand as well as a loop to hang it from. No battery or charger is included.

"Testing" was done on a 95^/95% day to help cool me in the shade as I worked outside spreading fill (in the sun). It is prudent to take frequent breaks when it is that hot... Sitting on the curb with the fan on high and between my legs I was disappointed in the lack of "cool" it generated. The battery was one of my "newer" ones and right out of the charger. Yeah, I know it was freaking hot but I got better results using the box it came in to fan myself! This is the first Ryobi 18V tool I have returned. If a blowing device can suck, this one is it!

While I'm talking small fans, one I can recommend is a Lakewood fan from Wally Mart. I picked it up last year so I don't know if they still carry it noting the way they constantly change suppliers (storage bins come to mind :mad:). It was either $10 or $15 but was worth it! It really rocks! This is a miniature version of your usual three-speed, stainless blade, tilting floor fan. Yes, it is 120V but it is good in areas that a large fan won't fit. I had it in an un-A/Ced warehouse bathroom and it was a savior sittin' there doing the business. Lately I have it under my desk to help keep the "lower" half of my body cool. :cool: ;)

dubby 08-01-2007 01:26 AM

Yup, I've shied away from both the fan and the mono-radio. There is just something about both of those that doesn't look right compared to all the others.

On a more positive note about Ryobi--we found a new use for the 18v chainsaw today. We used it to trim 2x4 braces even with the rafters on an addition we're working on. Cut the ends off approximately 30 boards and still had plenty of battery left. Since we bought the thing, we've only cut three branches. But the thing has come in darn handy in the back seat of the truck. No spilling or stinky gas is a great thing from a chainsaw!

edit: About the fans--I wouldn't trade for my Stanley "squirrel cage" blower. Picked it up a couple years back for $30 and it's still running strong and quiet. It's not cordless, but it's worth stringing a cord for.

bunkclimber 08-01-2007 05:13 AM

Ryobi 18V

Originally Posted by dubby (Post 165908)
On a more positive note about Ryobi--we found a new use for the 18v chainsaw today.

I've never been one for Ryobi tools,but the saw is nice and compact,great for light use along the trail when on a cross-country ATV trip....easier to replace than a Stihl in case of breakage/disaster!!

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