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Lu47Dan 01-02-2009 11:13 PM

N/W Pennsylvania Shop Redo
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Since I bought the lathe and needed a different layout in the front of the shop to fit everything in there I decided while I was at it :rolleyes: , I will fix a couple of problem areas . Two of the problem areas involve broken footers . which happen to correspond to where the original doors were in the building .
Since the front of the shop is where the lathe will reside , I want to close it off from the back of the shop and do my welding , grinding and general dust making back there . I have two sets of two hour fire rated double doors which will give me a nice wide doorway in and out of the shop . Once the lathe is in and the shop is tidy :o , I will start on the footers .
The footer under the main door was broken by a root growing through a crack in the foundation , the root was removed years ago and the building has settled back down into place . I am going to remove the broken part of the footer , dig down a little deeper , and then add a rebar cage that will be epoxied into the existing footers . Then form the new threshold to the correct height .
The major damage done to the footer was from freezing and thawing over the years , it did not help that ground water level there was at about 18" before we tiled the area . Since the tile was put in the building has not moved . The footer where the double door needs to go has the same problem . I will dig it out and replace it also . Once that is done then everything in the front of the shop will come out and the "new" concrete floor will be poured . The shop has has had a bank gravel floor for the last 24 years and I guess it is time for a concrete floor with radiant heat in it .
Today I finally got the work bench moved out of the way , the accumulated junk and trash picked up , and the 2B stone down there . I went to hang the SS box that ill be the control panel for the RPC and discovered I had to move the clock , the thermostat , and take down one power cable for my welder . So I have one dead welding outlet in the back part of the shop but I do have one welding outlet left in the shop .
Photo 1 , you can see the original door in this photo , it has the posters on it ( yes that is Pamela Anderson when she was young and pretty ) . The door was made from 1 X pine and 1/4" plywood , it does not seal well and since I live in N/W Pennsylvania and that is the northwest corner of the shop it can get right chilly standing there . I have a Stanley steel insulated door that I will either buy a frame for or build one from wood . The old door is 42" wide and the new door will be 36" wide . Yes there is a ringer up above the box and a buzz saw blade hung there for many years .
Photo 2 , this picture is a little fuzzy but it is my shop clock , which was a Valvoline clock that hung in the service station my dad and uncle owned before I was born . It has a neon light in it but it makes the meter spin faster than when my air compressor is running . Would like to get the clock restored but I doubt if the blue paint will come off without ruining the artwork below it . It has served me well in the shop for many years , it losses about a minute every three to four months .
More photos tomorrow . Dan

Lu47Dan 01-05-2009 09:58 PM

Since the lathe is in .... Or sorting out buckets of "Stuff"
I started the dreaded job of sorting stuff out :eek: I started with the stuff ( I use this term loosely :rolleyes: ) closet to the lathe . Found a lot of Ideal clamps in the one bucket that I had been looking for for the last few years . I have discovered that throwing out what is really junk and just saving the good pieces is a real exercise in self control . It is one of those things where you say to yourself "That MIGHT come in handy someday" :( . See that is the trap of the word MIGHT , it has caused me a lot of grief over the years . I need to start a chapter of HOARDERS ANONYMOUS around here . Hi my name is Dan and I am a metal hoarder .:D
But I managed to get six buckets of "stuff" , down to three and culled a bucket and a half of copper down into #1 copper , #2 copper and brass valve bodies . They pay better if they are separated . I can actually walk from the front door to the back door without turning sideways :D I hauled out two 2-1/2 gallon buckets of scrap and decided that I will have to cut the lid out of another drum or find another depository for the clean-outs that I have stored in another drum . I think I need to put the clean-outs in the storage building on a shelf and that will give me another drum . That drum if filled completely would be #6 :rolleyes:
I really need to get the truck finished and haul scrap into the scrapyard soon , before it starts multiplying exponentially .
Some of you might think what does this have to do with the remodel of my shop ? Everything . If I had not let my shop get to this point over the years I might have had more ambition in getting the metal working machinery that I have wanted all these years . Buying the lathe has really jerked a knot in my tail over the shape the shop is in . It use to be a joke around here , not anymore .
The best advice for anyone out there contemplating leaving a "parts" of a finished project in a bucket , DON"T DO IT !!!! I can tell you it just gets worse from there , the bucket doesn't get sorted when you need a bucket for another project it just sets there ! :rolleyes:
I must have three dozen buckets in my shop :mad: I never thought much about buckets other than they were handy thing to put "stuff" in , but they are not they are evil things :evil: , they work on you , they whisper to you " what the heck put that "stuff" in here , you can sort it out on a rainy day , go ride the four wheeler" . But the rainy day never comes where you set down and actually sort out buckets , there is always something better to do , if it is just enjoying your favorite adult beverage ( mines Coffee) . The last thing you want to do is sort out those buckets full of leftover bits and pieces from too many projects .
Buckets were designed to store stuff in with a lid on it , what do we do when we get an empty five gallon oil bucket , we take the lid off so it can be used for putting "Stuff" in . But what happens to the lids , a bucket without a lid is a space hog ! Where you could have stacked three or four of them full of "stuff" vertically without the lids they must be set side by side , now instead of taking up a space 16" square they now take up a space 16 " wide by 64" long ! :mad: Lids have a habit of dissapearing on their own volition or you just get tired of seeing them setting there and throw them out or god forbid recycle them . Then the bucket monster is released @#$%!*& . Once released it is a fearsome critter to tame again . Take it from someone who knows , save your lids and safeguard your sanity , because I am about to lose mine ;) Dan

cutter 01-05-2009 10:08 PM


Originally Posted by Lu47Dan (Post 253037)
I need to start a chapter of HOARDERS ANONYMOUS around here . Hi my name is Dan and I am a metal hoarder .:D

Shorten it and it might catch on.

Metal Ho.

I think I like Iron Ho better. :)

I should register that right now. :rolleyes:

Dave Lee 01-06-2009 01:27 AM

Well Dan, at least you recognize the problem and are doing something about it. It may sound silly but, a book called, Not For Packrats Only, helped me out, somewhat. There's another by the same author, Clutter's Last Stand. He has another, I believe but, I can't remember the title.

If it wasn't a universal problem, that guy wouldn't have sold any books. They say, if you haven't used something in the last two years, there's a good chance that you never will.

Taking the time to do the sorting will get you bogged down in a hurry. Something I did once, that helped, was to go around with a little note book and look at the stuff in question and write it down, if it was to go, on the next big trash night. That way, all of the hemming and hawing was taken care of, right then and there. When big trash night rolled around, there was no more discussion with myself. Sentence had already been passed on the offending junque and it was simply a matter picking the stuff up and hauling it to the curb.

Sounded like a good idea at the time but, it kind of backfired on me. I picked items from here there and everywhere, instead of working from one end or, one room to another. What happened was, after I was done, I had a huge pile of stuff on the curb but, when I looked back through the house, I couldn't tell where I had been.:(

So, what do I know, anyway?


JohnBoy 01-06-2009 07:59 AM


I hope you dont mind me saying this, but I find your posts very hard to read.....

Would you mind breaking them up into paragraphs a bit more?

you often have very interesting projects but I find them very hard to read.

sorry :(

Oh and good luck on the tidyout

Lu47Dan 01-06-2009 07:51 PM

So we are all on the same page
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John , I do get to rambling once in a while .:eek: I will try to remember to break up the post into paragraphs more often . ;) .
Okay to give everyone a little Idea of how bad my shop is here are some pictures . Okay crappy ones taken with my cellphone camera but still pictures :rolleyes:
  1. View looking in the front door
  2. Work bench where lathe now sets
  3. Work bench just about ready to move
  4. New shelves I built to hold all my cased tool
  5. Work bay rear
Okay this is just the beginning . Dan

Lu47Dan 01-06-2009 07:56 PM

More on the mess .
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Here are more photos of the mess .
  1. Storage bay front
  2. Storage bay rear
  3. Whole of storage bay from outside
  4. Another shot of the new shelves
  5. Work Bay from outside
More photos next post , Dan

Lu47Dan 01-06-2009 08:27 PM

Storage building and double doors
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More photos
  1. Storage building mess
  2. One of four fire rated double doors I have
  3. Progress , my 14" chain wrench , 14" & 24" aluminum handled RIDGID pipe wrenches hung up .:D
  4. My big wrenches for the crawler
The mess that is shown in these photos was a lot worse than it is now :o , Almost all the cased tools were setting on benches , on the floor and on several small shelves that were spread out around the shop .
In photo # 4 of post #7 you can clearly see the set of shelves that were built over the last few weeks for the cased tools . Not only did that free up a lot of space but it got all them in one place that can be quickly surveyed for attendance in the shop . No more rooting around for a tool . :cool:
Photo # 1 in post #7 shows a bench in the bottom left hand side , that had way too many boxes of stuff sitting on it , most of the Stuff in the boxes was junk or just plain trash and was sorted out of the good parts and either burnt up or sent out to the scrap barrel's .:)
Once the bench is out of there I will move the two engines and the stand the one engine is on out to the storage tent , to free up more room :cool: .
After the shop is done then comes the storage building , it is not as bad as it looks from the outside looking in . It needs a good organizing .:rolleyes:
The door in photo two of this post is a 2hr fire rated door that is one of four that came out of a school remodel that I was on as an apprentice in 1998 . Two of then will be my inside doors between the front ( machine area ) and back (welding , auto repair and project build area ) shop . They need a good stripping and a coat of POR-15 then a lite sand paint job .
I do have progress to report I have managed to get some of my tools organized , and out of my roll away chest . :D
More tomorrow , I have a lead on a 10hp 3-phase motor for a RPC . Dan

TommyA 01-06-2009 08:37 PM

Shelves, Now there is a neat idea to try!:D Of course it wasn't a problem until the floor space ran out. I have to say it looks as though you have done a great deal with what you have Dan!:)

Do I understand right that you have a gravel floor for now? What is going on with the new shop build?

Lu47Dan 01-06-2009 09:17 PM

Tommy , Hmmm , how do I put this . The new shop was Denied in December , Lawyers will handle it from here and that I all I can say about it .
So with that out of the way , the "new combination machine area and mechanical room" has a bank gravel floor which was great for getting me out of the dirt and mud that was in there but became polluted with steel dust from grinding and burning over the years :mad: , I covered the floor with 2B stone to get away from the black dust that was getting tracked everywhere I went .
Now the plan is to fix the footers and pour a concrete floor with pex tubing it it for heat . Replace one section of concrete floor in the work bay , that section won't have the pex tubing in it as that area will be unheated unless I will be working back there on a project . A lot will be happening in the next few weeks . Dan

TommyA 01-06-2009 09:35 PM

Sorry to hear about the legal issues but this will pass I'm sure. I applaud you with moving ahead to meet your current needs.

So is the plan to move everything out to the tent storage and then pour a floor in the shop?

rmack898 01-06-2009 10:08 PM

Looks like your on a roll Dan.

Lu47Dan 01-06-2009 10:52 PM

Pouring the Floor
Once the footers are repaired everything except the boiler that sets on the same pad as the chimney does will be moved into the rear of the shop . Basically that is the lathe , the surface grinder if it has been moved home , the work bench , the welding bench , the base cabinets that will go along the south wall ( the man door is on the north wall) , the drill press , my disc sander , eight inch bench grinder , wire wheel machine , my tool chest and roll away , and various and sundry tools , will be moved into the back of the shop into the storage bay and the work bay . :rolleyes:
Then the ground work can be finished , insulating the perimeter wall , the vapor barrier , the remesh and tubing will be put in and ready for a Saturday morning pour . If all goes as planned I will have about six people here for the pour and the finishing of the concrete . I have to have the heat exchanger ready for the radiant floor heat before the concrete is poured . I want to have the pex tubing already attached to the heat exchanger and pressurized with air but the valves on the supply and return turned off while we are pouring the concrete .
The heat exchanger will be a home brewed one made from 8" schedule 40 steel pipe 66" long for the shell and 1/2" copper tubing for the exchanger tubes . The 240' of pex tubing holds around seven gallons of liquid and the heat exchanger will hold around 14 gallons of fluid for a total system capacity of 21 gallons .While pouring and finishing the concrete the heat exchanger will be full of fluid (water/antifreeze mixture) once the concrete is poured and we are sure there are no leaks in the pex tubing . I will pump the rest of the fluid into the pex tubing then turn on the valves and start the pump circulating the fluid through the tubing at low temperature , 65 degrees F. or there abouts . Not so much to cure the concrete faster but to keep it from freezing . The boiler will run for the next seven days until the next Saturday
I have everything for the shell except a blind flange . I will have to buy one of them new :( at around $50 , then drill and tap it for a 1-1/2 NPT X 1" copper adapter fitting . That will be a fun thing to build . The controls for now will be Aquastats and relays to turn the pumps on and off to regulate the water temp into the slab . With a thermostat controlling the whole mess .
The rear or back shop will be on a separate thermostat to control the FCU (fan coil unit) for heat back there .
Once the slabs are cure well enough to take the weight of the benches and the Machine Tools , I will build the wall and install the double doors , paint the walls and ceilings white , install the base cabinets , build the counter top for them and then bring in everything else and set it up . Just a little work , not much should have it done by next week :D :rolleyes: ;) . Dan

Charles (in GA) 01-09-2009 07:47 PM

Those pics make me feel GOOD!!!! I just thought I had a mess. Yes, a fair amount of stuff on the workbenches, usually in (what I describe as) FLUX, it comes and goes as the projects happen and get finished. Some stuff stays, some too long, some for a short while. Goodness, what a relief........ I THOUGHT I had a problem!


Lu47Dan 01-09-2009 09:10 PM

Thats what we are here for , Charles
Charles , happy to do my part .:D :rolleyes: One thing to remember , is that the mess you see did not happen overnight or even in a few months that Picasso of a mess took YEARS to form , it is like fine wine it must be treated with the utmost care and respect . Because if you don't it will rear up and bite you in the but . :evil: :D :rolleyes:
Since the RPC Builds failure I have all weekend to whip the beast into submission . When I am done with it it will be an Amoeba . Of course this is weather dependent , as the various weather reports are calling for anywhere between 3 to 9 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow . I was hoping to get the RPC running so I could run the lathe this weekend but that does not look like it will happen . Dan

Lu47Dan 01-12-2009 09:16 PM

Actual space
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I started making progress again after two days of little to no progress because of snow , and NFL playoff games :D
Today I took my welding machine cart for it's longest trip so far . I moved it from the work bay to the storage bay and am fairly pleased with the way it moves . I did learn one thing about it though , the floor has to be smooth for the cart to turn well . The casters do not like rough concrete , they tend to grab instead of turn on the roughest areas of my floor .
  1. New security light
  2. Snow pile , about 8' high so far
  3. View out the driveway
  4. The welding carts new position
When I put the security light up there was about 3 to 4 inches of snow , now there is over a foot out there .:eek: The pile has grown since this photo as I plowed snow again today , after cleaning the chimney for the wood stove . I put the reflective stakes in to mark the driveway so idiot drivers can tell where the lawn starts . The bright spots in the pictures are snowflakes falling . I need to build a mount for my video camera , and get video of me plowing one of these days .
The welding cart needs a little more work and a few more parts built then it will get a paint job .

Lu47Dan 01-12-2009 09:59 PM

Space , actual and virtual
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Space in a shop setting can be one of two types , virtual the space that exists in another layout of the shop that we are too lazy to go after , or in scale drawings that never seem to work in the real world and the kind that only exists in our minds . The second type is Actual Space that is the kind you can measure and define to a virtual certainty :rolleyes: I am finding that the virtual space and the actual space intersect in some very strange ways in my shop . In the last post I had moved the welding machine cart , and have discovered some very nice space that I did not have before . Once the welding cart was out of the way I grouped some engiunes that have to go out to the staorage tent in the morning and decided to see if the 1050 Bolens would start , it started and I took it out for a spin . I also took the tiller off the back and tomorrow I will mount the snowcaster on it and be ready for the next big storm .
  1. Work Bay or North Bay
  2. Storage Bay or South Bay
The work bay had the welding machine cart setting in the middle of it for a long time . Now the bay is starting to take shape and with in a day or two the work bay will be usable again . :D :cool: :eek: The storage bay is where the Bolens sets during the winter so I can keep the battery charged and put a heater on it just in case it needs it . When everything is put away I should have a bunch of room I never would have thought possible in this small a shop building .

OLD MAN 01-13-2009 02:19 AM

I feel sooo much better after seeing your shop.:)

Brian C. 01-13-2009 02:40 AM


Originally Posted by OLD MAN (Post 254447)
I feel sooo much better after seeing your shop.:)

Me too.:D

Team DeSade 01-13-2009 01:37 PM

Man, that welding cart's a monster!

Lu47Dan 01-13-2009 08:13 PM

Ho - Ho , Ho - Ho , it's off to work we go .
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Terry , that cart is the best it has at one time or another had all my welding equipment on it , except for the O/A rig . Welders , wire feeder , small mig and all my rod . just to get them out of the way .
For those of you who missed the build of the cart .
I still need to add a few hangers and some odds and ends to the cart , and then paint it .
OM & Brian C . soon your shops will be worse then mine :evil: What everyone forgets here is this condition creeps up on you .
What I got done today . Sorting and more sorting , or as I call it Classifying the Treasures Tonight I ended up with TWO empty buckets :D from sorting and re-classifying a bunch of stuff . I have started cleaning out the lockers that are where I need the work bench to go . I have half of them cleaned out and will get the others done in the morning . Then they can be removed and the work bench put in place .
  1. A little more room
  2. Concrete that will be replaced
  3. Cleaner less "stuff"
  4. Getting there
When I stopped yesterday you still needed to walk around the one table full of STUFF . After reclassifying it a time or two Most of what was on the table has been thrown out or classified as usable within the next six months . The concrete that the orange arrow is pointing to was my first attempt at mixing my own . It held up for about a year then started to degrade . Until all it is now is slightly hard dirt .:rolleyes: Getting closer to the ultimate goal , a clean , warm and safe shop . :D :cool: . Dan

cutter 01-13-2009 10:23 PM

Man! I gotta get me one of them chip trays. :)

Lu47Dan 01-13-2009 11:12 PM

Space is still at a premium
Cutter LOL , most of the parts you see there are for the RPC , of course the axle shaft :eek: isn't but most of the rest are .
Before I called it quits tonight out in the shop I did some measuring for where the cabinets will go and found that I can put eight feet of cainets in there and have room for the RPC under the counter top on the one end . :cool: :)
For the counter top I was planning on two pieces of 3/4" plywood laminated together for strength until I got the price on enough to do the full length of the counter top which will be in the neighborhood of 10'-9" . So now it will be whatever 2 X's I have and 1/2" plywood top with a tempered masonite or steel top painted a light color .
The base cabinets I have are 24" deep by 48" long and 35-1/4" tall with the 2X frame and 1/2 plywood top would make them 37-1/4" tall . Once the base cabinets are in I will hang the upper cabinets just to make sure of the alignment of them for now . I should be ready to start on the cabinets tomorrow or the next day . The cabinets represent storage to replace the lockers that I am removing and placing in storage until I add on to this shop or build a new shop down the road . Dan

cutter 01-14-2009 03:33 AM

You know Dan, my eyes like to play games with me. Especially when I'm looking at one thing and seeing something else out of the corner of one eye, or something. Anyhow I keep seeing the title of this thread on the main index page and it says to that part of my brain that monitors that corner of that eye, "N/W Pennsylvania Shop Rodeo". :D

Setup boy 01-14-2009 12:02 PM

Hey Dan,
Don't worry I understand your situation. I could actually take a few steps into my shed two weeks ago and now all I have is a place to stand. I'm leaning over piles of crap...urr "stuff" to get to what's on the shelves. I plan to go at it tonight but it won't take as long as your shop. I'm on your side friend.

Ironman 01-14-2009 08:56 PM

Have you ever thought that your shop has been the base for an alien invasion? Don't call Washington for help:mad:

clive 01-14-2009 09:32 PM

Dan, have you got any photos of your shop before the bomb went off? Just kidding, been there done that.

Lu47Dan 01-14-2009 10:23 PM

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Cutter , Rodeo LOL:D :evil: I don't know what a shop rodeo would entail .
Setup Boy , I have had a long time to accumulate all this stuff , and the amazing part of this is most of the stuff that I saved is still usable stuff :eek: . I have thrown out a lot of "STUFF" since I started this space reassignment project and most of what I have thrown out was in buckets of leftovers from various projects from long ago .
Ironman , them clowns down there could not find their a** will both hands and a road map . Besides anyone from D.C. would have to have a study done on the feasibility of the possibility of the opportunity of having a clean-up done . But first there would have to be HazMat survey done by a licensed Hazardous Materials Company , filled out in triplicate . Once that was done any offending substance found would have to be removed and disposed of properly . Thus leaving no shop left standing , so there would be no need for the study on the feasibility of ...................:rolleyes:
Clive , yes I do have a few photos of the shop before the bomb went off but I would have to scan them into the computer , as they were taken twenty years ago .:D
What I got done today .
Today I managed to plow snow and get the old lockers out of the shop . Cleaned them out and then took the screws out that held them to the wall put them on the hand truck and wheeled them out of the shop . Then I had to fix the fiberglas insulation that the mice chewed up . I need to get some OSB or 1/2" plywood to finish that wall , I am leaning towards plywood as it takes paints better . Once the insulation was fixed and the floor cleaned up , I hauled in enough 2B stone to cover the bank gravel . Then the work bench was moved into place and rough leveled for tonight .
  1. New location for the work bench .
  2. Work bench , shelves , and tool chest & rollaway .
Once the heavy work is done and I get down to the detail work . I will be adding a light under the shelves in these picture for light above the work bench . The tool chest & rollaway will go out in the shop area on the new concrete once that is poured . But for now it will stay in the front of the shop but it will be back by the cabinets instead of blocking the view out the front window . I might actually be getting down to the last part of the removal and starting on the final installs tomorrow . :D Dan

Lu47Dan 01-15-2009 10:41 PM

Just about done with the rout out of the shop .
4 Attachment(s)
Today I did not have to plow snow . :D It was sunny but cold today . I worked on getting the last corner of the shop cleaned out . What was left there was my old homemade sandblast cabinet , the drill press , my home built wire wheel machine and a bunch of STUFF . I sorted , cleaned , and disposed of what needed disposed of . :) Throwing out the real junk gets easier with practice :evil: . After I got into the corner I decided to wire my FCU (Fan Coil Unit heater) directly to the same breaker as my boiler is on . It had been running on an extension cord since I installed the system about three years ago . That was a fairly easy fix that took longer than I figured it should and I went back to cleaning the corner out after the heating system was back up and running .
I soon discovered that I had to burn trash as both of my trashcans were full , numbers 10 & 11 , so I had to shovel a path to my burn barrel through the snow . There is about a foot of snow in the yard still and we are supposed to get another 3 - 4 " of snow tomorrow . I moved the drill press to it new location at the left end of the work bench , the drill press is a lot lighter than I remember it being when I bought it . I need to run power down that wall for work outlets , an outlet for the drill press , and three way switches for the light over the bench . I will run conduit and boxes for these since I will be replacing the breaker panel that is in the shop with a bigger one . The new panel will be mounted on the surface of the wall to allow me to insulate behind the panel , with it getting as cold as it has been lately I need all the insulation I can get in the walls . :eek:
Then I started tearing the old sandblast cabin apart . I built it in about 1984 or '85 . No matter how hard you tried to seal it up it always leaked sand , since it was built from wood . Apparently every time it swelled up and shrank from differences in humidity it would start to leak and make a mess on the floor . Building it , taught me quite a bit about them and the major thing I learned was not to build one from wood again . With that said , RIP ol' girl you served me well all these years . Once I had it disassembled I saved the working parts , the gun , the hopper and the lights , and burnt the rest of it . Tomorrow the first thing I need to do is to finish cleaning up the corner by vacuuming up the spilled sand and removing the weld fitting that were sitting under the sandblast cabinet .
  1. What I started with this morning
  2. What it looked like tonight
  3. Another picture of the corner
  4. Next project
The wire wheel has to be moved before the 2B stone can be put down , once the stone is down I can bring in the first cabinet and get it set in place . Once the first cabinet is in , then the other one won't be to hard to get set right . Once the base cabinets are ste I can take the Ambient Air Cleaner down and get ready to move it into the attic space above the front area . I plan to duct it so it can pull air from both areas of the shop . Eventually I will build a second bigger unit to handle the work area , and this unit will strictly be for the Machine area .
I have to take the backhoe off the Super-H in the morning as the snow has gotten too deep for the four wheeler to navigate . I should be able to get some more done in the shop tomorrow as it usually takes about an hour to take the hoe off and put the drawbar back on . Dan , hoping not to get frostbite tomorrow

cutter 01-16-2009 03:58 AM

Dan, I'm beginning to think you should paint that shop while you've got it all emptied out like that.
Just think how much warmer it would if the walls were white. :)
It might be brighter in there too!

Lu47Dan 01-16-2009 08:44 AM

Cutter , once the concrete floor is in and cured , but before the equipment goes back in it will get painted . :D Satin white walls and a bright white ceiling . Since everything will be out of there all I will have to do is to tarp the floor and cover the boiler up while I am painting above it . Chimney does not get painted . Dan

cutter 01-16-2009 11:48 AM

Yay! We all love paint threads. :)

Lu47Dan 01-18-2009 12:00 AM

Air lines
Yesterday , it got up to a whopping 11 degrees F. here . Since i took the back hoe off the tractor I had to air up the front tires on the tractor to better support the weight of the loader frame . While airing up the tires , the air hose was holding the door open slightly . After airing up the tires I discovered that the boiler had run continuously while the door was open . So today I started the new shop air lines . For now I ran the 3/4" main across the ceiling picking up one drop next to the door then making a 90 degree turn and traveling above the bench about six feet . This leg has a cap sweated on it and is the end of the line so far .
I figured since this will be a loop system and I will want at least two drops there , one for the workbench and one for the drill press I will cut in a tee and continue on from there .
The drop by the door is 1/2" copper pipe with a pressure gauge and a drip leg on it . The drip leg is twelve inches long with an offset of 2" and another 4" stub with a cap sweated on to the end . Above the drip is a tee for the outside air chuck and a valve to shut off the air so no mischief can happen there . Then above the valve is the pressure gauge tee , with a 1-1/8" stub and a ninety facing up with another stub and a 1/2" C X 1/4" NPT adapter to screw the gauge into . The gauge fittings set parallel to the wall . Before installing the air chuck I blew the new lines out to rid the lines of anything that would be detrimental to the air tools . I have a regulator set up with quick connects so it can easily be moved from air line to air line .
This cures the open door policy when airing up tires or using air tools outside . Dan

migwelder05 01-18-2009 10:54 AM

Why white? i know it will make it brighter but wont you just it dirty right Away?

moe1942 01-18-2009 11:13 AM

Dan I just ate so I think I will wait for the after pictures...:D

Lu47Dan 01-18-2009 11:47 PM

Dylan , why white .... Hmmmm ..... Three reasons ,
1.) White cuts down on the light loss , as it is highly reflective .
2.) This will be a dedicated machine area , once the walls and ceiling are ready for paint there won't be anymore welding or grinding going on in there . So that should keep the dirt at bay .
3.) From my checking on prices for a two part epoxy paint or a urethane paint white is the cheapest .
Why epoxy or urethane paint over latex or oil , easier clean up and moisture resistance . Once the floor is cured out it will get coated and flaked .
Moe :D .
And one more reason for white , I hate caves . A couple of buddies have dark colored garages , and they suck to work in . Dan

J bar J 01-19-2009 07:10 AM

you will have more room than you know what to do with. It doesnt take long to get away from you. thanks for the pictures. It sure puts your pain in perspective. Try to stay positive. Good luck

Lu47Dan 01-19-2009 11:54 AM

Todays mission
Is to remove enough snow to make a path to where the cabinets have been stored . There is about three feet of snow in that area and I do not know what is laying on the ground in there . The path will have to be wide enough to get the cabinet out . This is the last part of the initial clean and organize phase of the REDO . Once the cabinets are in I can start on putting stuff away where it belongs . :D There are a lot of parts and pieces that I cannot find because of the shop being disorganized . I am going to assign similar materials to the same shelves and write their location in a composition book so they can be quickly located . :cool:
J bar J , I agree with the out of hand part . :rolleyes:
Well it is time to head out into the 18 degree F. weather and start shoveling snow .:eek: Dan

Woodshed 01-19-2009 03:11 PM

LU47Dan, another thing you can do is color code your shelf for different item. Example: red for electrical. blue for plumbing, green for nut and bolts, and etc.

migwelder05 01-19-2009 07:09 PM

good point:) I should paint my garage to its to dark in there and yes i dont like working in dark to.

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