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Lu47Dan 12-02-2018 09:20 PM

Fricking rackity-coons are back. Went out last night to do the last check before going to bed. Looked up at the attic door on the shop and spotted a pair of eyes looking at me. So I backed off and got my .22 Win. Mag. Then spent the next two hours doing the cat and mouse with it. I finally gave up and went to bed.
So this morning I covered the gap above the door by skinning the top of the door with some leftover steel siding.
After finishing the door, I set the live trap in the attic baited with catfood. We will see if it was hiding in the attic while I was doing the work.

Lu47Dan 12-03-2018 03:10 PM

Don't know if the coon is in the trap or in the attic still, but Betty is a little less flighty today.
I am going to build a different door for it when I do the roof replacement, as the facia board would prevent the door from opening.
The scope of work is expanding. :eek:
I will build the door as a direct replacement for the existing one but I might cover it with some of the leftover steel panel I have here. Will have to get new hinges, a way to hold it closed and some weather stripping to tighten it up.
Next summer, I might add a solar powered ventilator to the roof to see if it will help keep the shop cool. But that would only happen if I rebuild the whole roof structure.

kbs2244 12-03-2018 07:27 PM

roof vent
A wind powered turbine would be lighter, simpler to install, and cheaper.

Lu47Dan 12-06-2018 04:36 PM


Originally Posted by kbs2244 (Post 725858)
A wind powered turbine would be lighter, simpler to install, and cheaper.

That it would, but have not had much luck with them around here. When it is hot enough to really need it, we don't have much of a breeze to turn it. Might be able to pick up a used one from a fire remodel. :eek: :rolleyes:
Today I started building a jig to cut the metal roof panels to length. Did not get far on it. Will finish it tomorrow.

milomilo 12-06-2018 08:38 PM

What are you cutting them with?

bunkclimber 12-07-2018 06:09 AM

Dan, if you do plan on installing a ventilator, have a way to disable it(switch) in the winter time when you heat your shop areas it will turn on and work against you..biggest improvement I ever did on my shop was 8ft LED light tubes to replace my older 110W SHO florescent tubes(the 110watt no longer available due to epact)-If you go this route just make sure to get the frosted tubes the clear ones are too bright to look at..1/2 the current of the old 110W and twice the light,work even in the cold too..oh BTW-sardines will catch a coon in a trap every time-they cant resist em

Lu47Dan 12-07-2018 12:00 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Chris, it is an Avanti 7" 128teeth. Item#A07128R Ferrous Metal circular saw blade.
A buddy gave me one, him and his brother used for cutting the siding on their buildings. They ordered 95% of the siding cut to length. It was used for cutting panels for door and window openings. It is pretty whipped looking, but he said it still cut fine, but I bought a new one. Just in case the blade dulls out on me.
Looking to use my HF metal cutting saw with the free blade first. Then change the blade if I have to.
  1. Avanti metal cutting blade

Lu47Dan 12-07-2018 12:21 PM

Bunk, the one I have looked at does have a override switch with it. You can either leave it on the unit inside the attic or use fire alarm wire to bring it down inside the conditioned space.
IIRC it was a four position switch, on/off/automatic/cellular (bluetooth). It has been awhile since I looked at it so I am not sure anymore.
As for the lights, I am going to, as ballasts die, replace the florescent lights with LED tubes. Looking at about 6500K bulbs, (IIRC) to match the T-8 fixtures in there right now. 6500K, might be too bright once all the bright white steel siding panels are installed on the ceiling and walls.
I have a mixture of T-12's , T-8's and T-8HO in the front right now. Some of the T-12's ballasts are 20 years old.
We will see.

Lu47Dan 12-10-2018 05:24 PM

Between today and yesterday I spent about five hours getting set up to strip the old shingles off the roof.
After getting the Super-H started, moving some wood, and figuring out how to move the four wheeler. I used a lifting strap threaded through the rear rack, my one chain and a shackle to lift the rear of it. I used a small ratchet strap to secure the handlebars, straight ahead. Once lifted, I slowly backed up, then when the four wheeler came around straight, I went forward to the place I wanted to park it for now.
Then I had to go and retreive the second bed liner from behind the chicken yard. Once it was hooked up I drug the bed liner around to the shop. Changed the rigging and lifted it up to dump the leaves and junk out of it. I then moved it around to the north side of the shop. Parked the tractor and punted for the day.
I spent about an hour finishing up moving stuff from the north side of the shop. Moved the bed liner into place and called it a day on that project.
Weather does not look good for stripping the roof this week. I will keep an eye on it and decide later this week.

Lu47Dan 12-15-2018 10:20 PM

Spent most of the afternoon today doing the final prep work to start stripping the north side of the roof. That entailed taking down the gutter, it's hangers and the stand offs the hangers were on. Then moving the bed liners into position to catch the old shingles from the roof. Once all was set, it was time to start stripping the roof.
I have what is known as a single shovel, bought it years ago for another job, I had looked at more modern ones but hey I had this one. I got it out, set up my extension ladder at the back of the shop( east end) went up on that roof, across it, and attempted to get up on the front roof. I immediately discovered a soft spot.
A little caution and some shingle removal showed that the boards the the roof deck was built from were dry rotted.....
So remove them and start stripping from that corner and work up towards the peak, that method is a little slower, but will still get the job done. Once I had a 3' wide strip clear of shingles to the peak, I inspected the boards, more dry rot and soft spots, so that made the decision easy. Remove the decking also.
Out came my Super Sawzall with a demolition blade, I cut along the rafter to free one end of the boards, then pulled the cut end up to remove them. I stripped another section of shingles, this time about 6' wide and repeated cut and remove process, it was starting to get dark, so it was time to stop. So tomorrow I will finish stripping the roof and start on new framing.

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