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Posting your pictures on ShopFloorTalk:
Please Read before attempting to post pictures!


Posting your pictures on ShopFloorTalk:  Please Read before attempting to post pictures! 

We don't have a lot of picky rules or policies on ShopFloorTalk but this one is important:

We do not use off-site hosting or embedded images as you may be accustomed to on other forums.

They slow down the pages for all users, especially those with slow connections and we try to take care of them too.  Many of our threads run to several pages, some run for more than year at a time.  By limiting the picture file sizes and using thumbnails as links our site can run much faster and smoother for us all because we are not burdened with unpredictable off-site hosting services or pages overloaded with large-file images.

Off site hosting also results in missing images when the original poster edits or removes his pictures from his hosting site such as Photobucket, or others.  We don't want ruined threads and you shouldn't either.  We do not want to see those missing link icons:

To post .jpg or .gif images to  the ShopFloorTalk servers, please use the "manage attachments" button located below your typing window,  through which you upload images from your hard drive or other sources. Our software uploads your image files to our server and supplies a clickable 25kb or smaller thumbnail to your reply and appends it below the text of your post. Assuming your images have been reasonably compressed, the vBulletin software will usually resize and compress the files for viewing. You are allowed a total of 5 photos per reply or post. You may use as many replies as needed to post and describe your thread or project.

These thumbnails can be seen at anytime during posting or editing by using the preview button.

This method conserves space on the server and while there have been a few complaints about the size restriction, it is actually plenty to allow you to post large enough photos for internet viewing provided you take time to learn a couple of basic facts about pictures.

Basic guidelines for uploading your attachments is available here:

If you’re familiar and comfortable with this procedure and  please proceed to our forums and Welcome to SFT!  We’re very pleased to have you join the finest and friendliest privately owned welding, fabricating and general trades discussion forum in the world.

We do reserve the right to remove any and all embedded images from your posts should you fail to follow our requested protocol for posting your pictures.  We will usually save, compress and attach them to your posts for new members or “first offenders” and try to notify you, however repeatedly ignoring our policy will likely result in some missing images from your posts.  This in not intended to hurt your feelings but our housekeeping staff does have limits to our patience and our time. 

So please work with us and we will all thank you for it. 




How do I get a picture under my username?

How do I post my avatar?

Shop Floor Talk is pleased to offer a unique custom avatar service for our members.
We provide you the services of a dedicated member administrator who will happily work with you
to continue our custom of maintaining the nicest avatars of any discussion forum on the internet, in our humble opinion.

Once you are a registered contributing member to Shop Floor Talk, please contact madam X by private message:
1. If you already have an avatar you would like posted she will provide you an email address where you can send it.
2. If you would like an avatar but do not have one in mind madam X will work with you to help you select or create one.
3. If you have an avatar idea that needs work then this is your happy opportunity to have madam X help turn it into
your personal expression of your internet identity for use here on Shop Floor Talk.
4. If you have photographs of a favorite pet, truck, tool, machinery or such item that you would like to represent you
on our forum, madam X will be pleased to enhance it and create your avatar for you.

Yes! this is a free service to our members. Feel free to contact madam X by private messaging.
disclaimer: NO! You are not welcome to abuse this courtesy to steal her services for your use on other forums.


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