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Conversation Between SmokinDodge and milomilo
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  1. milomilo
    09-13-2018 09:19 PM
    Hey Neal:

    On my 2004.5 dodge 3500, is there any way to make any adjustments to the side flip up mirror? It vibrates pretty bad going down the road. You can move it in to out about 1/16" with your fingers. Drivers side no vibration. Probably easier to just replace it I expect.
  2. milomilo
    01-20-2013 06:39 PM
    I have a 2004 Dodge 3500 Cummins and I was trying to change the serpentine belt. I put a 12mm socket on the bolt with a ratchet to release the spring tensioner so I could remove the belt. Intsead of turing the tensioner assy, the bolt tightened 3/4 of a turn. I stopped for fear of snapping off the bolt. Am I correct in how I am trying to release the tensioner spring to remove and replace the belt, or is there some specialty tool I am supposed to be using.
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