View Full Version : Quad State Blacksmiths Conference

Brian C.
09-01-2016, 08:55 AM

Matt Shade
09-01-2016, 12:17 PM
Someday I'm going to go to this. It's not much more than an hour away and I never have time. Already have a horse show booked again this year :(

Brian C.
09-26-2016, 11:02 AM
A few photos from QS. More anvils for sale than ever and way more power hammers of different makes for sale also. Well over 1000 in attendance.

Brian C.
09-26-2016, 11:04 AM
Just a few more photos.

09-26-2016, 05:34 PM
Thanks for the pictures Brian.


09-26-2016, 06:49 PM
Some nice work there.. The level of capable smiths certainly has grown exponentially in the last 20 years..

Maybe someday I'll be as good..